The Big, bright and the colorful Amazon Decor Haul : 2021 Special

With exciting products like the Round Bulb shaped lights, Superbly made Artificial Garlands, WallFrames, cushions and Table Runners, here is a video worth one’s time.
Do relish the entire journey and the Haul:

Products available at :


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The Big Diwali 2021 Product Haul | Festive Haul 2021

Folks, check out this new video of mine that talks about an exciting Decor Haul for this Festive Season and Diwali. Check out Products that can enliven your Home and also server as great Gifting ideas.
Do enjoy!

Video Link :

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Awesome Mountain Journey Reads

Of late I have been watching videos and reading Blogs or Articles on Mountain Trips on some stretches of Himachal Pradesh.
As for the videos, I might come out with a blog later.
In the meanwhile, I read this one today:

It is by a person who traveled from Mumbai all the way to Spiti valley and the best part is the Pictures along with a matching description that is shown.
A must read.


The Late Winter-Spring Honest Product Review

The Late Winter-Spring time is one where we can enjoy the season as well as work more on our ideas. So here is an honest product review of some fabulous looking products. Yet don’t we need to know if they really worth the looks?

Check out :


The Cozy Winter Living Room Makeover: The Warm and Calming Room Makeover

So the Living Room MakeOver which we had planned since a long time is here.
Calming and warm ambience. Nuetral shades of Beige, Off White and Golden.
I hope that you would relish it :

New Living Room makeover 2021

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On Pinterest:


Wonderful Products from Amazon | Amazon Decor haul

At times, the best things in our lives come from things where our baggage of expectations is the lowest.
Yes, at times, when we have too many expectations from some of the things, often we get bogged down. Or may be a bit too worrisome. If things do not fulfill our expectations, it can also lead to stress and frustration.
Anyways, here was this video of ours on Amazon Decor haul:

It did so well- beyond our expectations and is now at 26k plus views. I have learnt that a good content and idea always attracts.
So I thought that it would be a good idea to share this happiness here as well.


Why Andrew does not likes my Analysis? ………………….

PreBlog note : inspired by many Managers and their subordinates, many of whom are no less than brilliant and talented knights who are often underrated and undervalued by Greedy Corporate Bosses.
And the style is no less inspired by blogger Simon. Perhaps Simon and many of you know who Simon is 🙂

The phone rang again. This time it was not a call for a Loan or Balance transfer.
It was my Boss Andrew.
“Derek, why did you miss the 9:30 A.M call today morning?”
“Oh I was watching Mission Impossible – the first one(1996)till late night. I woke up a bit late and hence missed the meeting.”
“Mission Impossible. Ha ! You watch a movie with that name and you refuse so many things that come up your way,
saying this is not possible, that is not possible. What an irony!”
“Andrew, see let me explain you. There are some vested interests, who are not in favor of a good understanding between me and you.
They are jealous of our team’s success.
So when an assignment comes from their way, they start thinking that their plans will materialize and would be possible.
Yet when I refuse, it becomes ‘Impossible’ for them.”
“Derek, you can be so mysterious at times. I do not understand much of what you talk about!”
“Exactly! I was told this by my XIth class Maths teacher when I used to submit my Homework.
Then by my Engineering second year Calculus teacher when I submitted my assignment.
Leave them, even my friend Alec told me in the bar last December- in the pre-pandemic era that my economic analysis talk does not makes any sense. Andrew, the fact is that I am slightly moderate to extreme complexity persona and at times my analysis tends to reach ranges which need some special understanding levels.
I do try to simplify but the probability of my talks getting simplified do not increase in direct proportion of my efforts.”

“Derek, here you go again with your nonsense. I am awaiting for Pandemic to end and will give you an earful in a face to face meeting.
I cannot shout much in this online, work from home setup.”

“Two things Andrew.
First- the term nonsense. Sense can be relative. A 500 M track racer might talk of certain exercises and proteins and body building foods, which do not make sense to us.
Yet to that racer it makes all of the sense.
Then, the Eucliedean-Crossbent formula algorithm which I routinely work on is nonsense to Steve Rodricks of the Sales Team. He would term that as nonsense as well.
Secondly, the Pandemic could end soon and we cna have a chance to meet soon.
Yet what are the possibilities and the probabilities of all the events and outcomes.
I have evaluated at least 10 different scenarios.
If you want, I can share my observations with you with some sketches.”

“I think that is more than enough for the day Derek. You just sent your weekly status mails, and that is all.
You can think of 10 ways or 100 ways but my brain would soon be incapable of even 1 way thinking.
Enjoy your day.
And please do not talk about possibilities, probabilities or any of the ways about enjoying your day.”

And well the call ended.
“Why doesn’t Andrew listens to my brilliant analysis on my ways of thinking?”
I never get the answer for the above question. Do you have?


Online Earnings roundup and a small milestone on WordPress

Hi folks,

I hope that you are having a gala time this Sunday 22nd Sep 2019. I am here with my Online Earnings roundup, something that I am doing after a lot of time. Let us get going:

I have had already crossed the 5 USD minimum payout, and looking to consolidate. I am above $6.1 and looking to make it to $6.4 to $6.5. But that would need a bit of luck as well.


I made a payout of around $10 last month. Now, I am kind of midway towards my $5 mark. My plan is for a $5 mark this time, but next time, I would be aiming for a higher figure. $15 would be great, as then the Paypal fees doesn’t pinch as much.
The challenge would be to find enough suitable articles, and also maintain my reputation score.

Apart from that a small milestone, which might look small today, but this would encourage me to be more active here, and may be towards a future of a Paid blog site. Some folks have already suggested me about a Paid site, but so far I am not so regular and so sure about the returns, so that plan is still far away.

The picture says it all.


Enjoy your time, and tell me how was your Green Tea/Milk/Coffee/Tea or Chai.
By the way, those of you who enjoy Chai- do you like to take Marie kind of biscuits or some other variety?


World Cup Madness and checking on new and unique recipes

Continuing on the World Cup Cricket madness, I have been checking out the match between Australia and Afghanistan. Afghanistan is out for 207 runs, and Aussies were at 40 for no loss. Aussies do seem to have an upper edge.

I also happened to check on a new and unique recipe. I hope you too would like this Recipe

Have a great Sunday ahead, and looks like sleep is beginning to have a grip on me.

Re-Igniting the story writing passion!

So after a long time, I am back to some writing. I have started with “Rejuvenating” and kind of making alive once more – and what is that?

Well, one of my incomplete action-thriller story series.

Check out at another of my WordPress Sites :

Do let me know if you like it!

“Handmade” tour in Bali… between Ubud and Sanur — Travel in your own way

Renting a car with a driver is one of the easiest things you can do in Bali and, given how chaotic the traffic is in some areas, it is even a recommended decision to explore the island. What you don’t have to do is not make the reservation online but negotiate the price with the […]

“Handmade” tour in Bali… between Ubud and Sanur — Travel in your own way

For the Azure AZ-900 certifications aspirants

I came across this video by John Savill of Skyline Academy.

AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals Hints and Tips – Over 100K Views!

These are a series of videos on Azure AZ-900 preparation. The plus point is that one can also have their course for virtually free as they share a coupon code during the video.

As a Post Note, I probably should have shared this post on another blog on technical things. But I have been rather inactive there so I decided to share it here.

The Planned-Planner vs the Unplanned-Planner

14th of July 2021

Ages ago, I used to have a certain “defensive” mindset.
I used to fear if some of my shortcomings in my working area or Professional field might get noticed. At times, my focus was sometimes to avoid having my negative points getting “shown”.
The problem with such an approach is that it sometimes make us forego some of the initiatives that we can otherwise take. Or tackle problems more strongly or innovate.
As the age of experience “dawned” (Grammar Czarism- may be, may be not! ), I changed my approach.
I now try different things and if something fails and shortcomings appear, I take it in my stride. At times, this has later on yielded me benefits as well as increased my own confidence.

So what I have found is that I am kind of an Unplanned-Planner, not a Planned-Planner.
That is I do plan things and try to follow them. But this comes with a break of days or weeks here and there, unlike (may be Utopian!) Planned-Planner who would do everything as Planned !!
(reminds me of Akshay Kumar : Ajnabee : Bollywood: 2001 : Everything is Planned ).

Oh it has gone so long- well it just happens at times.

Daily Thought Stream: 16 June 2021 : Spoken Matters :: Crypt remarks, trademark comments, dialogs and more…..

I was replying to a comment on another of my post. It was regarding what we convey to others and the gaps in understanding with other folks.

Somehow this led me to recall some of the talks I have had over the years with others.

Mostly, I have been perceived as a serious person and at times dull. Somehow I agree that i used to be quite serious for a long time. Then, somewhere I decided that having some sense of humor and fun and even the ability to laugh at oneself is not always bad. So I started talking in amusing ways at times. Some folks liked that, some didn’t. Yet I think it helped me calm down myself and others at times. So here is a brief collection of what all I used:

A)Dialogues from Bond and other Movies:

1999 : The World is not Enough : “Perhaps you failed to take into account my hidden assets” – use this one carefully because some friends of mine interpreted in … well not so decent way!!

1995: “Golden Eye” : the Pleasure is all mine.

1975: Deewar (Bollywood) : “Aaj Khush to bahut hoge tum” (Today you would be very happy).

B)Trademark comments/remarks that I sometimes make :

1: Basically he is a good person.

I remember once I commented this about one of my cousins at a family event and another one of my cousins remarked : ” yes basically he is good, but actually he is not” and we all had a good laugh!

2: You may think like that as well – I have used it sometimes when I have had some arguments at home during WFH.

3: “I am always busy officially” – sometimes I have said this to folks who ask me “have you got some spare time?” – and in reality I do have some spare time, but somehow give the answer to some folks whom I cared less about.

So all in all, whether serious or not, I am basically a good person. But “not a very good” person. Perhaps one of my next blogs would be about the difference between “Good” and “Very Good” !!

Daily Thought Stream: 14th June 2021 : Innovative and very easy Kitchen DIY and crowded markets in Delhi as unlock begins

If you are looking for doing something different in your DIYs but not getting a good idea, here is something for you.
Try this easy and innovative DIY for your Kitchen:

I hope you would like it.

As unlock gains speed in Delhi and with retail shops getting more relaxation in terms of operating times and opening, the #ThisShouldNotHappen is happening.
We see videos and images of crowded markets as if all people have got some sort of super-immunity to beat the covid virus.
Or are these people trying to hasten the 3rd wave?

These might sound harsh words, but what else do I say?

Beginning of Summers and reaching another Online Milestone

With mercury hovering around 40C, can we delay getting our ACs ready? Well not much. So the new Financial Year start means spending a good amount on getting these things ready.

I recently reached another Online Milestone- 30K plus Activity on Mylot. The last 10K have been quick in parts and slow in between. Yet it is a big number for me.

Will be back with more posts soon.