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World Cup Madness and checking on new and unique recipes

Continuing on the World Cup Cricket madness, I have been checking out the match between Australia and Afghanistan. Afghanistan is out for 207 runs, and Aussies were at 40 for no loss. Aussies do seem to have an upper edge.

I also happened to check on a new and unique recipe. I hope you too would like this Recipe

Have a great Sunday ahead, and looks like sleep is beginning to have a grip on me.

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Heatwave : a tough time in many parts of India and some Decor talk

A number of parts in India are facing high temperatures. The 42 C or 45 C plus temperatures makes one feel very uncomfortable.
Wearing loose and comfortable clothes, covering head and face if required, and keeping oneself hydrated are some of the best options.
The link here discusses how to stay cool in such a weather:

Apart from this, let us check how to go about decorating our home in some simple ways:


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Poetry Break: The Bat and Ball Rhythm by Peeush Trikha — Two Drops of Ink: A Literary Blog

The Game of Cricket brings out diverse emotions in players. As youngsters, we were not professional cricketers. Nevertheless, we played with great joy, zeal and memories of those days keep coming back sometimes. So travel back to those times with this offbeat poem.

By: Peeush Trikha As the first rays of the sun come out, and spread through the windows and doors, I take a glance towards the park below. The mind wanders off… Those 22 yards shortened to a few yards less on the ground, The sticks called as stumps and the bails. The red…

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Seven Links 4/27/19 Traci Kenworth — Where Genres Collide

Great imagery and interesting things that follow: 

cosmos Seven Links…4/27/19 Traci Kenworth Writing: 1. “1. There is no rush. This is not a race. It’s not about who “gets there” first. 2. You can learn a lot from those more experienced than you. Don’t get frustrated. Get curious.” 2. “Happy Easter! And what better time for the reappearance of America’s […]

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Daily Thought Stream: Phase I of Indian General Elections 2019 and good news for me on Online Earnings

So the first phase of elections to Indian Lok Sabha- also called as the General (or Central Govt) elections start tomorrow. Tomorrow would be the Phase I of the elections. The campaigning has been quite bitter and sometimes crass and of low standards. The results would be out towards end of May.

Let us see how the outcome is

And on Online earnings front, I am now above threshold for auto payout on Mylot, and also redeemed on Lifepoints (earlier Global Test Market).

And next time, probably something on IPL and Cricket.

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Daily Thought Stream: 05 April 2019: Software Upgrades, Documentation and tackling rising heat

So there has been a significant work that I have done on the Oracle upgrade from to 18C ( I wonder why not simply have a 12.3?)
I learnt a lot of lessons like keeping your documentation on such tasks as up to date, do not blindly follow even the vendor’s(in this case Oracle)documentation, but do not ignore it totally as well, keep faith in oneself and document and document.
So the documentation too is ready. One of the tricky part was the pre-Upgrade fixes, especially Apex upgrade.
Apart from this, the rising heat too is something that poses challenge. And when do I get my AC serviced?
Well, I am yet to decide!

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Daily Thought Stream: Random Moods on a Sunday, being consistent and the IPL madness

As I watch the IPL match between Sunrishers Hyderabad (SRH) and Kolkata Knight Riders(KKR), where KKR are already at 34 for 1 in 4.3 overs, I have had a lot to do this day.

Sometimes our moods swing quite a lot even on Sunday, and what better than to talk about them:

Random Moods Part I


Random Moods Part II

Long Term success is a lot of Intelligence, perspiration, inspiration, planning and a key ingredient is consistency. Let us discuss this too:

Consistency: A Key success Ingredient!

So what do you think about these thoughts? Do share.