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World Cup Madness and checking on new and unique recipes

Continuing on the World Cup Cricket madness, I have been checking out the match between Australia and Afghanistan. Afghanistan is out for 207 runs, and Aussies were at 40 for no loss. Aussies do seem to have an upper edge.

I also happened to check on a new and unique recipe. I hope you too would like this Recipe

Have a great Sunday ahead, and looks like sleep is beginning to have a grip on me.

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In a mood for good food? This recipe would enliven your day!

Sometimes we are in a mood for good food. It could be to satisfy our taste buds, or ward off boredom after days of fasting or dieting, or some special occasion.
Here is a recipe of a great Indian Food with the goodness of capsicum and cheese that would make your day.

Do check it out !!

Tasty Food Recipe

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Feeling bored with dull and listless rooms in your Home? Here is how to enliven it up!

At times, we feel as if our home is missing something. There is some dullness and lack of excitement.
You need not worry.
This YouTuber shares how we can convert an empty corner of the house into something that is lively, relaxing and ready to cheer you up:

Enliven your empty corner


The numbers of words are not as important as the impact of words on readers

Motivation & Environment

The sizes of posts, or number of words contained in them, are not as important as the impact of words on readers’ thoughts. The quality of one’s vocabulary does not depend on size of content, or number of words used; rather, it depends on the effects the words, sentences and phrases have on readers’ thoughts!

And don’t get it wrong: there’s nothing wrong with creating content that has too many words. On the other hand, the numbers of words are not as valuable as the impact that words have on readers and their thoughts.

Humans don’t think using words; they think using pictures or images

Words are raw materials for processing thoughts. Whenever words are read, spoken, or assimilated, the mind automatically converts them into pictures or images, which are the things it actually works with best.

Each word, phrase, and sentence creates a different picture. The pictures in the…

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Fruits Waste- throw or create wonders !!

Often we end up throwing our fruit (and other food)waste. We often neglect the peel of our fruits. Yet we can do a lot with the peel of fruits as well.
Here this YouTube video maker explores how to use watermelon’s peel(Rind) for something tasty and exciting.
Watermelon waste wonders


Take chances!


Often in life sometimes we tend to love someone who doesn’t love us back and be with someone whom we don’t love or who doesn’t love us. This practice keeps repeating due to our needs and desires.

However, sometimes there is someone who loves us purely, wants the best for us, would do anything to see us happy even if it means not to be together. There are very few people who hold genuine feelings towards someone, and often while walking and progressing in our lives we tend to neglect them unintentionally or intentionally.
Life has an abundance of love which if we give a chance can make us unfold what we might have never thought of. Look around, observe, and if you encounter even a single soul who is inclined towards you purely and you have some affection towards that person, take a chance. Know that person more. You…

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Happy Rainy Season to all!

So the rainy season has picked up here in Delhi NCR. This has bought a huge relief from the heat and humidity. Yet with the advent of rains, we also become susceptible to a host of diseases and infections. We need to take care of a lot of things.
In this video, this Youtuber talks about ow we can make our rainy season as enjoyable and healthy:
Enjoyable and Healthy Rainy Season

Enjoy the rains!

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Lost in an exciting collection of Home Decor, Furnishings and Utility Mega Store

HomeCentre is a Mega brand that caters to all our Home decor, Furnishings, Utility needs with a wide range of colorful, vibrant and sophisticated products. No matter how many times we visit this store, we get lost in the labyrinth of the amazing products.
so check out this store!

The HomeCentre Store


Happy 112th Birthday Frida Kahlo


Today is the 112th birthday of the artist Frida Kahlo. Her art, her life, her bravery are as important today as they were when she was alive. The world is a better place because she was in it and still feels the loss that she has left.

Frida Kahlo 01

NAME: Frida Kahlo
BIRTH DATE: July 6, 1907
DEATH DATE: July 13, 1954
EDUCATION: National Preparatory School
PLACE OF BIRTH: Mexico City, Mexico
PLACE OF DEATH: Mexico City, Mexico
CAUSE OF DEATH: Respiratory failure
REMAINS: Cremated

BEST KNOWN FOR: Painter Frida Kahlo was a Mexican self-portrait artist who was married to Diego Rivera and is still admired as a feminist icon.

Frida Kahlo was born Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderón on July 6, 1907, in Coyoacán, Mexico City, Mexico.

Frida Kahlo’s father, Wilhelm (also called Guillermo), was a German photographer…

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Daily Thought Stream:Talking about sleep deficits and a nice and affordable DIY


We need to have a good night’s sleep. Not only is it a good doctor’s advice, but personally I have seen the ill-effects of a bad sleep, especially at the work place. So I need to fi x my last few days’ erratic sleep patterns and lack of proper sleep.

Talking about DIYs, often we end up throwing used glass bottles. Yet we can use them for something more useful and attractive.

Here is how to go about it :