The Big, bright and the colorful Amazon Decor Haul : 2021 Special

With exciting products like the Round Bulb shaped lights, Superbly made Artificial Garlands, WallFrames, cushions and Table Runners, here is a video worth one’s time.Do relish the entire journey and the Haul: Products available at : AmazonHaul #ProductsHaul #AmazonProductReview #FestiveLights #Wallpapers #TableRunner #LightsandDecor #AeroHeaven

The Big Diwali 2021 Product Haul | Festive Haul 2021

Folks, check out this new video of mine that talks about an exciting Decor Haul for this Festive Season and Diwali. Check out Products that can enliven your Home and also server as great Gifting ideas.Do enjoy! Video Link : Diwali #DiwaliDecor2021 #DiwaliDecorations #FestiveDecor #FestiveGifts

Daily Thought Stream: 14th June 2021 : Innovative and very easy Kitchen DIY and crowded markets in Delhi as unlock begins

If you are looking for doing something different in your DIYs but not getting a good idea, here is something for you.Try this easy and innovative DIY for your Kitchen: I hope you would like it. As unlock gains speed in Delhi and with retail shops getting more relaxation in terms of operating times andContinue reading “Daily Thought Stream: 14th June 2021 : Innovative and very easy Kitchen DIY and crowded markets in Delhi as unlock begins”

The Late Winter-Spring Honest Product Review

The Late Winter-Spring time is one where we can enjoy the season as well as work more on our ideas. So here is an honest product review of some fabulous looking products. Yet don’t we need to know if they really worth the looks? Check out :

The Cozy Winter Living Room Makeover: The Warm and Calming Room Makeover

So the Living Room MakeOver which we had planned since a long time is here.Calming and warm ambience. Nuetral shades of Beige, Off White and Golden.I hope that you would relish it : New Living Room makeover 2021 CozyWinterDecor2021 #LivingRoomMakeover #WinterCozyDecor On Pinterest:

Year End Decor Haul: Amazing Decor Products from Amazon

An year end Decor products haul from Amazon.Exciting and wonderful products. These are useful as well. Here is the video link: You can also check for the Products here :You can find all the products in the video in my shopping list below. Save the link as I keep adding such beautiful products every week. reading “Year End Decor Haul: Amazing Decor Products from Amazon”

Exciting Products that you can buy and relish in your Living Room

We got some products recently which can add to the Living room ambience and also brighten up our Winter evenings.You can check this video: You can also check for the Products here : I hope you can find something suitable here. (Plz note : Just personal product reviews, no official endorsement). Video Link :

Wonderful Products from Amazon | Amazon Decor haul

At times, the best things in our lives come from things where our baggage of expectations is the lowest.Yes, at times, when we have too many expectations from some of the things, often we get bogged down. Or may be a bit too worrisome. If things do not fulfill our expectations, it can also leadContinue reading “Wonderful Products from Amazon | Amazon Decor haul”

The Week opener,Milestones talk and more…

Long break…. off path….. Well, often we might come up with N (N could be 10/100 ….); and do not ask me for any graphs or equations to prove this :)reasons to tell why we did not do something. Yet we know the answer within. “I did not try at all…”. ‘Brutal honesty” is somethingContinue reading “The Week opener,Milestones talk and more…”

Staying and living safe and sanitized with home made Sanitizing spray

In the present situation due to the global pandemic COVID-19, we will have to follow certain guidelines and practices. You all would be aware about these but in this video, we share an easy to follow DIY to make a sanitizing spray that would be very helpful in these times. Do watch this video fully,Continue reading “Staying and living safe and sanitized with home made Sanitizing spray”