A useful and effective Mini Chopper of Pigeon Brand: An Honest Review

As a new year starts (2020) with new hopes and a determination to get over bad things and have more of the good things in life, we have started with a video on a food making helper. This is a vegetable and other stuff mini chopper. This is from the brand Pigeon, which is aContinue reading “A useful and effective Mini Chopper of Pigeon Brand: An Honest Review”

Our One Year YouTube Journey – II

Part of a Series; continues from Our One Year YouTube Journey – I Hi Folks, Greetings for the day! In my last post: Our One Year YouTube Journey – I I started taking you through a journey which was something we had never experienced before. A journey that is not a bed of roses. Well,Continue reading “Our One Year YouTube Journey – II”

Fruits Waste- throw or create wonders !!

Often we end up throwing our fruit (and other food)waste. We often neglect the peel of our fruits. Yet we can do a lot with the peel of fruits as well. Here this YouTube video maker explores how to use watermelon’s peel(Rind) for something tasty and exciting. Watermelon waste wonders

World Cup Madness and checking on new and unique recipes

Continuing on the World Cup Cricket madness, I have been checking out the match between Australia and Afghanistan. Afghanistan is out for 207 runs, and Aussies were at 40 for no loss. Aussies do seem to have an upper edge. I also happened to check on a new and unique recipe. I hope you tooContinue reading “World Cup Madness and checking on new and unique recipes”

A Tiny South African Beach restaurant wins best restaurant in the world reward

Its seven-course tasting menu costs the equivalent of 53 euros(60 USD). For more check the Times of India site : https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/rest-of-world/tiny-south-africa-beach-restaurant-crowned-best-in-world/articleshow/68057016.cms