Daily Thought Stream 24 Nov 2020 : Return of Hazy days and realizing the importance of office place

Just when I was beginning to think that the worst annual pollution days were over, Haze and pollution is back.May be more people have started burning stubble.Or the direction of winds have changed.The net results is that the pollution has increased.Perhaps one positive of the Work from Home (increasingly being called as WFH) is thatContinue reading “Daily Thought Stream 24 Nov 2020 : Return of Hazy days and realizing the importance of office place”

Daily Thought Stream 20 Nov 2020 : remembering this time One year back

Years ago, i used to read Times of India (paper edition)regulalry. On some days, they had a small section on their Middle page.It was : This day 40/50 years ago.At times, it was just about some very well known historical events.On other times, there were some very interesting things. Now, some feel good articles, advicesContinue reading “Daily Thought Stream 20 Nov 2020 : remembering this time One year back”

Daily Thought Stream 19 Nov 2020 : Weather, work from Home and More

I recall a time when there used to be a few jokes about weather reports.There used to be deviations, and at times big ones. Heavy rains were sometimes not predicted.If rains were predicted, it would not rain for a lot of days.However, with technological advances and better forecasting, predictions are better.There are variations and deviationsContinue reading “Daily Thought Stream 19 Nov 2020 : Weather, work from Home and More”

Wonderful Products from Amazon | Amazon Decor haul

At times, the best things in our lives come from things where our baggage of expectations is the lowest.Yes, at times, when we have too many expectations from some of the things, often we get bogged down. Or may be a bit too worrisome. If things do not fulfill our expectations, it can also leadContinue reading “Wonderful Products from Amazon | Amazon Decor haul”

An Indian Living Room makeover that makes us happy!

One might have the limitations of space, structure and colors. Yet if one has a keen sense of aesthetics, balance and color combinations, one can create a wonderful aura of a decor that soothes senses as well as enthuses one.So here you go with one such lively decor:

Why Andrew does not likes my Analysis? ………………….

PreBlog note : inspired by many Managers and their subordinates, many of whom are no less than brilliant and talented knights who are often underrated and undervalued by Greedy Corporate Bosses.And the style is no less inspired by blogger Simon. Perhaps Simon and many of you know who Simon is 🙂 The phone rang again.Continue reading “Why Andrew does not likes my Analysis? ………………….”

A quiet Autumn Day Talk

In many countries, we have seasons:Spring, Summers, rains, Autumn and winters. Here we do not have any well defined Autumn, but the conditions in late September and October are Autumn like.So perhaps I can take some literary liberty here and talk in terms of a quiet Autumn day.One would say quiet?With car horns still beingContinue reading “A quiet Autumn Day Talk”

Treat(s) and Snacking Times

Many of us are still in our homes. Things are opening up in many places. Yet home is the only staying place for us. So, the need for trying out different food stuffs as well as Lunch/Dinner combinations.So these two must try outs would surely excite you.One is a sweet Dessert dish, another tasty andContinue reading “Treat(s) and Snacking Times”

The Week opener,Milestones talk and more…

Long break…. off path….. Well, often we might come up with N (N could be 10/100 ….); and do not ask me for any graphs or equations to prove this :)reasons to tell why we did not do something. Yet we know the answer within. “I did not try at all…”. ‘Brutal honesty” is somethingContinue reading “The Week opener,Milestones talk and more…”

Staying and living safe and sanitized with home made Sanitizing spray

In the present situation due to the global pandemic COVID-19, we will have to follow certain guidelines and practices. You all would be aware about these but in this video, we share an easy to follow DIY to make a sanitizing spray that would be very helpful in these times. Do watch this video fully,Continue reading “Staying and living safe and sanitized with home made Sanitizing spray”