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Daily Thought Stream: Random Moods on a Sunday, being consistent and the IPL madness

As I watch the IPL match between Sunrishers Hyderabad (SRH) and Kolkata Knight Riders(KKR), where KKR are already at 34 for 1 in 4.3 overs, I have had a lot to do this day.

Sometimes our moods swing quite a lot even on Sunday, and what better than to talk about them:

Random Moods Part I


Random Moods Part II

Long Term success is a lot of Intelligence, perspiration, inspiration, planning and a key ingredient is consistency. Let us discuss this too:

Consistency: A Key success Ingredient!

So what do you think about these thoughts? Do share.


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Daily Thought Stream:Buying extra grocery and a well awaited payout

Doesn’t it happens with us that we go out to buy a few things in a grocery store and end up buying more. One user at Mylot wanna discuss it :

Buying extra in a Grocery Shop

I am happy today as I received a much awaited payout at Forumcoin .



Wish you all a very great Saturday and weekend ahead !

Daily Thought Stream, Festivals and Celebrations

Its the colorful day of Holi Festival !

Today is the day of fun and joy. Of bonding, love and friendship. Of sweet things(Ghujiya is the preferred thing in India), of colors and play. So why not let others know:

And here is what folks – in India and else are saying :


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Daily Thought Stream: Tracking Earnings and planning for a hectic week ahead

This game of earnings could be tricky. Or it could be fun. Now, this month my earnings on the site mylot have been fluctuating quite a lot. On 7 March- a weekday, they were one of the best in the recent times – 0.1888. Another best was on March 13- 0.0945.


On Forumcoin, I am planning for a few more articles and then aim at payout. It was going fine today, but it suddenly started giving issues.

Coming week, we have the Holi festival and a couple of things to take care of. So, I might not be that active into regular blogging.

Have a nice week ahead.

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Daily thought stream: 13-march-2019: Changing weather again and World Wide Web designer Tim Berners Lee speaks up

Just when we thought that we would now need to switch on our fans, the sudden weather change stumps us again. We again have cold winds(not chilly as in January)that makes us wear our woolens again(1 layer). So we cannot retire the winter clothes as yet.
And this is again some masala for discussion.

Apart from this, I read some IPL news and here is what the World Wide Web, which turned 30 has its designer Tim Berners Lee saying :

Quite thoughtful, isn’t it?

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Nuclear Disarmament: Anybody’s aim now?

Nuclear weapons are totally different from the conventional weapons. One can talk about using them, but they are such deadly weapons that the after effects can not only impact the victim but the victor too.

Sadly, Nuclear Disarmament movement has weakened in the recent years due to ideological and Geo-political differences between the major powers.

So the question is : Is it anybody’s aim now?

Let us explore further :

Nuclear Disarmament Question

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Remembering some good moments and tackling fluctuating weather

Keeping oneself steady in consistent and uniform surroundings is not difficult. However, when things are inconsistent, highly fluctuating, we need to be more resolute to keep our thoughts and actions under control. One such thing that is impacting me a bit these last 20 odd days or so is the fluctuating weather.
Hot or warm a moment, rainy the next time, and cold and windy within a few hours.
At times, bright sunshine replaced by grey clouds and rains.
Even with good precautions, one can get ill, and the first things impacting us are cough and cold.
Yes, it can be frustrating. But we have to get back on track.
So what better than remembering some good moments. One such was on mylot a few months back, when one of my discussions got some good responses:

Wish you all a great weekend ahead.

Money and Finance

Digest: 28 Feb 2019: Do not get trapped in endless cycles of outstanding Loans and Credit: something to think about

Nobody likes to be in a kind of debt trap or cycle where one has to keep on paying outstanding Loans and Credit.
So how to figure out how to handle it. One of the authors “skysnap” talks about these things in detail:

Want to be on a site where you can discuss anything under sun, write articles and earn too? Check out this site: