For the Azure AZ-900 certifications aspirants

I came across this video by John Savill of Skyline Academy.

AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals Hints and Tips – Over 100K Views!

These are a series of videos on Azure AZ-900 preparation. The plus point is that one can also have their course for virtually free as they share a coupon code during the video.

As a Post Note, I probably should have shared this post on another blog on technical things. But I have been rather inactive there so I decided to share it here.


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5 thoughts on “For the Azure AZ-900 certifications aspirants

    1. ha ha a bike can also be named like that.
      AZ-900 is a Technical certification: A Beginning level certification for those using the Microsoft’s Azure cloud Platform.


      1. Cloud platform? shit, I should get a techie advice from you, YOU. I am like, I know a lot of thing, see? I don’t even know a platform🤦 that sucks! anyways, that is new, I have no idea what you guys do with it, but lemme assure, techies will fall for it. Good luck with that 😎 Now let me rewrite my profile, I am not a tech geek 😭😅🤣😂

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