The Planned-Planner vs the Unplanned-Planner

14th of July 2021

Ages ago, I used to have a certain “defensive” mindset.
I used to fear if some of my shortcomings in my working area or Professional field might get noticed. At times, my focus was sometimes to avoid having my negative points getting “shown”.
The problem with such an approach is that it sometimes make us forego some of the initiatives that we can otherwise take. Or tackle problems more strongly or innovate.
As the age of experience “dawned” (Grammar Czarism- may be, may be not! ), I changed my approach.
I now try different things and if something fails and shortcomings appear, I take it in my stride. At times, this has later on yielded me benefits as well as increased my own confidence.

So what I have found is that I am kind of an Unplanned-Planner, not a Planned-Planner.
That is I do plan things and try to follow them. But this comes with a break of days or weeks here and there, unlike (may be Utopian!) Planned-Planner who would do everything as Planned !!
(reminds me of Akshay Kumar : Ajnabee : Bollywood: 2001 : Everything is Planned ).

Oh it has gone so long- well it just happens at times.


Published by ptrikha15

An IT professional pursuing my alternate interests in writing, blogging and helping other great writers or bloggers(Youtube Vloggers included)to maximize their earnings and share their work, as well as provide vital inputs. Key interests are in News- especially Sports, Economics, Environment, Writing and Day to Day affairs.

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