Daily Thought Stream: 16 June 2021 : Spoken Matters :: Crypt remarks, trademark comments, dialogs and more…..

I was replying to a comment on another of my post. It was regarding what we convey to others and the gaps in understanding with other folks.

Somehow this led me to recall some of the talks I have had over the years with others.

Mostly, I have been perceived as a serious person and at times dull. Somehow I agree that i used to be quite serious for a long time. Then, somewhere I decided that having some sense of humor and fun and even the ability to laugh at oneself is not always bad. So I started talking in amusing ways at times. Some folks liked that, some didn’t. Yet I think it helped me calm down myself and others at times. So here is a brief collection of what all I used:

A)Dialogues from Bond and other Movies:

1999 : The World is not Enough : “Perhaps you failed to take into account my hidden assets” – use this one carefully because some friends of mine interpreted in … well not so decent way!!

1995: “Golden Eye” : the Pleasure is all mine.

1975: Deewar (Bollywood) : “Aaj Khush to bahut hoge tum” (Today you would be very happy).

B)Trademark comments/remarks that I sometimes make :

1: Basically he is a good person.

I remember once I commented this about one of my cousins at a family event and another one of my cousins remarked : ” yes basically he is good, but actually he is not” and we all had a good laugh!

2: You may think like that as well – I have used it sometimes when I have had some arguments at home during WFH.

3: “I am always busy officially” – sometimes I have said this to folks who ask me “have you got some spare time?” – and in reality I do have some spare time, but somehow give the answer to some folks whom I cared less about.

So all in all, whether serious or not, I am basically a good person. But “not a very good” person. Perhaps one of my next blogs would be about the difference between “Good” and “Very Good” !!


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