The Fiction Challenge: ‘The Morris Family Killings’ by Peeush Trikha

My Fiction Writing contest entry 2017

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The Fiction Challenge: 'Losing a dear friend' by Peeush Trikha two drops of ink

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The Morris Family Killings

The Death of a Friend

“No Jarvis, No!”, my loud shout went in vain as I saw Jarvis Rivaldis fell down of the edge of the railing.

The masked man in black tracksuit tried to aim his Masker K-70 semi-automatic at me, but I was fast enough to pin him down with three bullets from my Beretta 10.

I hurried to look down from the edge of the railing. The fall down towards the edge of the Ashleytown forest was no less than 100 feet. Jarvis’s body was just faintly visible as a thin dot from where I looked.

I closed my eyes. This would be a scar for the rest of my life, and something I will never really forget.

“I could have prevented this, if I had not gone chasing for the truth,” I thought out loud.

It had been two…

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