Writing Advice: In a World Full of Topics

Some very amazing and simple ideas for writing our next stuff.

Two Drops of Ink: A Literary Blog

By Michelle Gunnin


As writers, we are always looking for material.  It is a built-in instinct for us to keep eyes and ears open for the next fantastic idea.  We carry laptops to coffee shops.  We always have a pen nearby in case we are struck by inspiration.  We have written hooks on napkins and the back of business cards.  Our active imaginations are part of the package which comes with our propensity to take in our surroundings.  In school, we got in trouble for daydreaming, or doodling, or both.  We see things differently than others, and we are insatiably curious about, well, everything.  You would think all of this would translate into millions of topics to write about.  However, sometimes it only clutters our desks with scraps of paper and half-finished ideas.  If we don’t have some kind of system, in short order, we will likely be buried…

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