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The cricketing legend : It was virtually an era when he played

Yesterday I saw a video clip of India’s 2002 Natwest series final against England in which Mohammed Kaif and Yuvraj Singh were instrumental in guiding India to a win.
In that match, Indian batting genius and a cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar fell early to Ashley Giles, who had earlier in a series in India also, had proved tough for Sachin.
I thought when Sachin played this match he had already been playing 13 years, and he went on to play for 11 more years.
That makes it 24, and suddenly that number struck me in my mind.

24 years with very few bad patches is a big achievement. May be there were matches when he could not do much to avoid India’s defeat.
Or, may be did not play as well as expected in some of the key matches.
Yet it now looks that when he was playing it was a different era altogether.
And there can be no player like Sachin. He has been a unique genius!


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