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The LGV20 smartphone- A rockstar in your hands

The current age is an age of smartphones. Why? This is because people are increasingly mobile, like to be always in touch with their family, relatives and friends. They also do not want to miss out on the action on their work front.
Smartphones with better and greater features increasingly being available at more affordable prices come in handy. True, many are falling prey to the addictive nature of these machines with always on Internet but who minds the little pain?

Since smartphones are becoming an intrinsic part of our lives, we long for a phone with great features, especially in terms of taking great images and videos, editing abilities, great battery life and lots more.

In comes the LGV20  #LGV20 smartphone that not only delights its user, but goes beyond.
It has some amazing features, notably:

1.A Sleek metal body and Si-PC material employed in each corner makes for a rugged and durable body, which many of the smartphones apparently lack.
2.The desire for a phone that captures the pictures we take, our selfies and videos with amazing details and with great ease is fulfilled by this phone. Steady Record 2.0 allows one to capture sharp, smooth video in any condition by minimizing unintentional hand shaking.
This mobile also provides a 120 degrees angle for the front camera, which enables us to have a better selfie. The rear camera also gives a better picture experience.
Try this new smartphone and you will be truly delighted with the picture taking abilities.
Moreover, different contrasting settings give ample usage convenience- whether it be a bright outdoors, or a dimly lit indoors.
Also, if one is attending functions, marriages or even doing some initial photography, this feature can come in very very handy.
3.The phone also provides for a great recording experience even with high background noise, such as at a live concert, cricket or a Football match.

So, with all these great features, your truly feels like having one of these phones. So, are you willing to take the leap and get a hand on this amazing phone.


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