Poetry Break: ‘Red Bird Alert’ by Claudia Ricci

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Red Bird Alert

By Claudia Ricci

Peace went flying

from the house


the red bird

came crashing through the window.

Last week.

I think it happened last week.

All was clear sailing and then.


Glass shattered.

Clear shards tinkled like wind chimes

and came clattering together in a heap on the rug.

I was asleep when it happened,

I snapped awake

and fled from my bed, barefoot, in my nightgown,

terrified by the explosion.

I still see the bird lying there,

dazed, gazing

as a single red feather

floated down

and went zigzagging toward the floor.

At first, I dared not touch

the thing

for I have heard that birds sometimes

visit in mysterious ways bringing




Evil things.

Finally, though,

I dared to look

in the bird’s eye.

It filled me with pity.

I lifted the bird gently into my hand.

It weighed less than one…

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