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Everyone has their favorite season. Mine is Spring. I love the ingenious way the Creator designed our world to regenerate, but I believe it’s true what they say: there is nothing new under the sun. In spite of the premise about the continuous circles of life being the same, and that nothing new occurs under the skies of this Earth, each new blade of grass is unique; each new tree is special and different; each new little bird in its nest is like no other bird, it has markings that are unique; and, each new baby is an irreplaceable, exceptional being like no other. As each Spring approaches, and as I age, I like to take the time to watch Spring. It requires taking time to meditate in its realm. It moves swiftly, so I work to catch memories and store them away.

I love the coolness of Spring in…

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Attitude of gratitude the main ingredient to happiness – LiteracyBase

Taking things for granted and not realising that not all are endowed with what we have been blessed with is the biggest bane that interferes with our happiness. I am always in the attitude of gratitude but slip I do sometimes when I am not watching and vigilant about it. Here is one place where I …

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